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We Transport Equipment!

At STP Transport & Towing, we know that if you are in need of equipment transportation then you want to make sure that you go with a trustworthy and dependable equipment transport company. We move several pieces of equipment every day, so whether you need to transport large generators, fork-lifts, skid steers, scissor lifts or whatever, STP Transport & Towing can meet and fill that need. Even if you need to move a piece of equipment a few miles or a few hundred miles going with STP Transport & Towing is a safe bet. STP Transport & Towing has a proven track record and long lists of satisfied and happy customers to back up our work and prove our true value add.

Give us a call at (708) 804-2228 or fill out the Contact Form on the Contact Us page. We will help you transport your car or equipment to wherever it needs to go!

Equipment Transport Services